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Pledge to the Confederate Flag.

I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence and undying devotion to the Cause for which it stands.

Our South
Our Southern heritage is at risk! We are proud Southerners, and it is time we stand up for our rights as such. This page was created to educate and entertain. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

I am a Proud member of Sgt. James W. Nicholson Camp #1478 Son's of Confederate Veterans Ruston, Louisiana. Visit our website here.
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The Yanks won, the Rebs lost. The winner writes the history. Now read what you weren't taught in school.

The War of Northern Aggresion is a part of American history that has been steeped in myths and half truths for over a hundered and forty years. It is the hope of this site to expose and denounce some of this. Check back often for updates.

"Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the
enemy, that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; learn from
Northern school books THEIR version of the war; and taught to regard our gallant
dead as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects of derision."

Gen. Patrick Cleburne, Confederate States of America

Charge to Sons of Confederate Veterans:
"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought; to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations." Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General, United Confederate Veterans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1906.

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